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A brief analysis on various types of screws and their importance

Perhaps, you may begin by saying that there is no machinery where a screw is not used! Yes, it is a fact that machines will have screws in some form or the other. There was a time when tornillos en bogota were only made of metal. However, now you find screws made of plastic, fiberglass and various other products.

The architecture of a screw:

Screws are regarded as a type of fastener with a helical or smooth edge. Normally, screws are designed to align with threads of appropriate size. The threads can be in the form of nuts or any object with internal thread. The screws are technically known as male thread and the thread inside the nut or the internal thread is called as female thread. Check out Tornirap

Importance of head on the screw:

The screws in Bogota will invariably have a head which is much bigger in size than the body. This is done to help to effectively fasten the screw into the thread. Of course, in few cases, screws will have smaller heads, and such screws are known as anchor bolts.

Type of rotation:

The screws are always turned in clockwise direction to tighten and in the anticlockwise direction to loosen from the thread. However, in some cases where there is greater rotation, then the screws in Bogota will be turned anticlockwise for tightening and clockwise for loosening from the thread. The best examples of screws are those used in the blades of a mixer grinder.

The screws are available in different designs and sizes. A brief discussion on these is made here:

·        Screws are available in different types like a lag screw which are used in woodworks. There is also the mirror screw having a flat head with a hole in the middle and the hole is covered by a cover with appropriate plating. This type of screw is used in the mirror. The other popular varieties of screws are hex screws. This type of screw is generally called as hex cap screw because it has hexagonal head, and it is significantly bigger than hex bolts.

·        Other important types of the screws that are common in most of the machines include the structural bolts. This type of screw will have a thread up to certain portion of the body of the screw. The unthreaded portion of the body also called as shank length is intended to provide better grip to the body of the machine where it is used.

·        Yet another important type of screw used in most of the machineries includes the threaded rods which are also called as ‘studs’. Perhaps, this rod or ‘studs’ can be called as an exception to the concept of screw. This is because the ‘studs’ will have thread but it will not have that large body head. The studs are available in two types namely full bodied studs and the other type called as the undercut studs. As the very name suggests, full bodied studs will have threads throughout the length of the ‘studs’. On the other hand the undercut ‘studs’ will have thread up to a certain level; may be up to half the rod or 1/3rd the length of the rod and so on.

Directly related to its application:

Use of the various types of screws always depends on the type of its application. They are available in different sizes with varying dimensions of thread.

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